Financial Planning for your  Future travel

Financial Planning for your Future travel

  1. Open a 14 day notice account and deposit a fixed amount each month.
  1. Use small to medium sized travel agencies. Why because they have lower overheads and are likely not to close. 
  1. Travelling to a new country?  Don't plan and travel alone. The immigration and health laws are ever changing and you will cry tears if non-compliant. You need a go in-between.
  1. Be flexible nothing is certain so be open minded as frustrating as it might seem being unable to travel. Flexible in costs, dates and times of travel. Manage costs
  1. Repeat: Use small to medium travel companies because there is better communication when changes happen. You don't want an unanswered call from a company's call centre.
  1. Begin to budget for extra costs such as Covid tests and vaccinations if they won't be free. 
  1. Take advantage of the specials, tourism is in distress with specials of up to 75% but ascertain if they will be able to operate during or post pandemic.
  1. Save, save, save as much as you can. 
  1. Get travel insurance!!
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